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Meals on Wheels Program

Hunger is more than just a growling sensation in the stomach; it’s an emotional and physical stress that, when prolonged, may cause serious health problems and a substantial loss in the quality of life.

The Meals on Wheels program provides a warm noon meal to homebound and /or handicapped adults within the city limits of Oshkosh. Oshkosh Family, Inc. staff provides coordination and support services for the program.

Regular contact is maintained with recipients or their families to help toward ensuring their nutritional well-being, allowing them to stay happy, healthy, and independent longer. The program provides the added benefit of a friendly contact and a safety check. Meals are delivered between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 pm..

To keep the meals affordable, recipients only pay for the cost of the food and its preparation. Community volunteers provide delivery without charge. Persons who are low income may be eligible for a reduced fee. Please check with the Meals on Wheels Coordinator for more information.

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Oshkosh Family Inc. / Meals on Wheels is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Mobile Meals and Meals on Wheels Association of America.

Volunteer Opportunities with Meals on Wheels

Regular drivers have the same general route on the same day each week. They become familiar with the people they deliver to and frequently are able to assist the office with evaluations of situations based on their observations.

Substitute drivers may deliver on any route as they have time available. While they may not be as familiar with their people, they are generally able to spot changes in routines quickly.

Groups may adopt a route to be delivered once a week, rotating volunteers within the group.

Families with preschoolers or who are home-schooling their children are welcome to participate.

Non-delivery opportunities include making greeting cards, tray favors, etc.

How Apply?..Please Contact Us directly


Oshkosh Family Inc. / Meals on Wheels is a member of the Alliance of Volunteer Agencies, Volunteer Center of East Central Wisconsin, Inc., and the Wisconsin Volunteer Coordinators Association.

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